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About Us

Founding story, mission, vision, impact


Founding story

Founding Point Loma Nazarene University's first lacrosse team, we faced fundraising challenges through one-off events. This inspired SkyRaise, a community-driven platform connecting teams with fans via monthly newsletters and small, recurring donations. SkyRaise ensures consistent income, letting coaches and players focus on their passion, supported by their biggest fans.

Our mission

We envision a world where community and support transform every team's journey into a shared adventure. Our mission is to turn supporters into heroes for athletes, bands, groups, and societies alike. With each SkyRaise newsletter, supporters stay connected and celebrate progress. At SkyRaise, we are a family supporting champions worldwide, ensuring coaches focus on passion, not paperwork, and making supporters feel integral to the action.


Our vision

SkyRaise reimagines sports fundraising, moving beyond car washes and bake sales to a future where connection and community support every team. Our vision eliminates the unpredictability of traditional fundraising, providing a continuous stream of support that makes fans integral to the team's success. We envision teams, coaches, and players chasing their dreams, backed by supporters who share in every triumph and challenge. SkyRaise fosters a deeper sense of belonging and achievement, turning every moment of the game into a celebration of collective spirit and determination.


Our Impact

Iris Pflum, Aspiring Olympian and US Snowboard Race Team competitor raised over $3,550 and counting through recurring donations to chase her dreams of a gold medal.


PLNU Men's Lacrosse Team raised over $5,470 and counting for their 2023 season - enabling them to compete in the MCLA and SLC.

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