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Join Iris's Journey to Olympic Glory!

Hi, I'm Iris, and thank you for visiting my page! I'm an ambitious alpine snowboarder who's been dedicating countless hours to my sport. I've already achieved success with three Vice Junior World Championships, five National Championships, a personal best of 17th place finish in the World Cup, and 4th place in the World Cup Parallel Team event. Despite my accomplishments and placing so high in the World Cup, I've received no support from the USA to help me reach the Olympics, my ultimate dream.

For the past four years, I’ve balanced training, racing internationally, attending high school and now college, then working as much as I can during the off season to fund this dream on my own. Your recurring donations will be a game-changer for my journey, as they will help me cover race fees, coaching fees, and living costs. This support will enable me to focus on improving my performance and achieving my career goals, such as competing at the 2026 Winter Olympics, World Cup Victory, and winning the Crystal Globe, my ultimate dream.


Snowboarding is not just a sport for me; it's my passion. The feeling of carving down freshly groomed slopes brings me unparalleled joy. I'm committed to pushing my limits and reaching new heights in my career. By choosing to support me with recurring donations, you'll be an essential part of my journey, and I'm incredibly grateful for your generosity. As a token of my appreciation, all recurring donors will receive exclusive newsletters and updates on my progress and achievements. Together, we can turn my snowboarding dreams into reality.

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