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CSUF Rugby

The Scrum for First!



Welcome to the California State University, Fullerton Rugby fundraiser! As one of the largest and most storied clubs on campus, founded in 1985, we have a proud tradition of excellence both on and off the field. Last season, we achieved an impressive third-place finish, and this year, with your support, we aim to surpass that by defeating our formidable rivals, PLNU and LMU.

CSUF Rugby is a tight-knit community of dedicated athletes who pour their heart and soul into the game. Our players are committed to rigorous training and maintaining high academic standards, reflecting the true spirit of the Titan community. This upcoming season is critical for us as we strive to bring greater glory to Cal State Fullerton.

However, with minimal funding from the school, donor support is crucial to our success. Your contributions will help us cover vital expenses such as travel, equipment, and training facilities, ensuring we are fully prepared to meet our goals. Join us in our journey and be a part of our drive to the top. Together, we can make this season unforgettable. Go Titans!

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Each monthly pledge comes with an exclusive newsletter packed with updates, behind-the-scenes photos, and videos and much much more! Join the journey and become more than a fan.

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