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Empower the PLNU Lacrosse Legacy

The PLNU Men's Lacrosse team has had an incredible season, defying the odds with our dedicated roster of 15 players, fearlessly taking on schools with teams of 40 players. Against all expectations, we've put up a fierce fight, demonstrating the passion and commitment we bring to the game. We'd like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our previous donors, whose 

generous contributions made this season and the last one possible. Our team means the world to us, and we're eager to ensure it thrives as a long-lasting program for generations to come. By giving a recurring donation, you can play an essential role in our team's future success, empowering us to continue defying expectations and making a difference in the world of lacrosse. Join us in our journey and help us create a lasting legacy for PLNU Men's Lacrosse.

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