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USD Women's Volleyball

Rallying for the National Championship



The University of San Diego's Women's Club Volleyball Team Is driven by a relentless commitment to excel and a shared dream of making it to the nationals. Our journey is rigorous, involving monthly league tournaments in the second semester and additional tournaments in the first semester. We train twice a week from 8-10 pm, honing our skills and having loads of fun while doing so!

Our goals are clear and ambitious: to compete fiercely in league tournaments, achieving high rankings to secure our place at nationals in April. Despite the challenges of balancing academics and late-night practices, our determination never wavers. We are united by our love for volleyball and our pursuit of that national championship!

Your support can make a profound difference in our journey. With minimal monetary support provided by the school, our group of passionate women are left with hefty player dues and the need to tackle the financial roller of consistently running one-time fundraisers. By pledging a recurring monthly donation, you most importantly empower us to cover travel expenses, but also allow us to focus our energy into the game that we love.

Enjoy our exclusive monthly newsletter, join us in our journey to make history, and inspire the next generation of USD athletes. Together, we can show that with passion, dedication, and support, anything is possible. Thank you for believing in us and for your unwavering support, GO TOREROS!

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Each monthly pledge comes with an exclusive newsletter packed with updates, behind-the-scenes photos, and videos and much much more! Join the journey and become more than a fan.

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