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Welcome to the Texas Tech Women's Rugby Team sponsorship page! Since our founding in 1995, we have grown into a strong and competitive team dedicated to excelling in the sport of rugby. This season, our biggest goals are to win the state championship here in Texas and compete at nationals in Washington. Achieving these goals requires extensive travel and resources, making it a costly endeavor.

Our team competes in three scheduled tournaments throughout the season, aiming to place well and win each one. Additionally, each player volunteers 15 hours, totaling 525-600 hours of community service, reflecting our commitment both on and off the field.

With minimal funding from the school, we rely heavily on fundraisers to support our activities. From partnering with local restaurants like Chipotle and Crumble Cookies to various other fundraising events, we are constantly working to raise the necessary funds. All these fundraising efforts are done in addition to our regular practices and managing our coursework.

Your support is crucial in helping us cover travel expenses, equipment, and other essential costs. Join us in our journey to success and be a part of our team’s achievements. Together, we can make this season unforgettable. Wreck 'em, Tech!

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